Cubolis Forum Rules

Cubolis regulations are founded on justice and common sense. The rules on this page are not all-inclusive and only cover the most typical situations. The staff team reserves the ability to evaluate each situation separately and choose the proper sanctions or pardons.

General Forum Rules


  • Please remember that everyone is welcome on our forums, so keep all comments civil.

  • It’s against the law to use profanity or post obscene or improper material.

  • Hate speech and other forms of discrimination are not accepted.

  • Avoid talking about extremely political or religious subjects.

  • Emotes, excessive capitalization, and spamming are not permitted.

  • It is strictly forbidden to engage in trolling, abusive behavior, discussion-derailing behavior, flaming, provocation, or argument.

  • Don’t advertise servers that are unrelated to Cubolis.


  • Bump posts sparingly (no more than once per 72 hours), and only if you have anything insightful to add to the conversation.

  • Avoid necroposting, which involves commenting to an old thread that has already been resolved.

  • Do not post twice. If you personally respond to a user’s posts by using the reply tool, this restriction does not apply to you.

  • Don’t create threads or posts just to get more comments on them.

  • Make each of your postings matter. Keep irrelevant posts out of the forums.

  • Avoid abusing formatting code or ‘invisible text’ to submit without meeting the minimum character restriction. Please take into account the aforementioned rule if your post is smaller than 10 characters.

  • Avoid discussing matters pertaining to punishments (whether they are your own or someone else’s). If you have something insightful to say about someone else’s ban, kindly get in touch with a staff member privately rather than posting it on the boards.

  • Make no alternate accounts. To evade bans, like-boost, or troll alt accounts, this includes making alternate accounts.

  • Simply flag the post so that a staff member can review it if you encounter a post or reply that is against our guidelines. By responding, PLEASE DO NOT attempt to enforcing the rules yourself.

  • Discussions that are off-topic are permitted in the off-topic section, but they should stay within the scope of the original thread. Keep general off-topic conversation out of the forums.

Section-Specific Rules


  • Ideas must be applicable, reasonable, and doable. No obtrusive, copyrighted items.

  • Positive and negative criticism is acceptable as long as it’s constructive.

  • It is acceptable to post comments to older threads in this section, provided that the contributions further the conversation.

  • Please stick to one recommendation per thread so that we can track which ones are receiving the most support.

Bug Reporting

  • Write a brief description of the bug in the report’s title.

  • Only report bugs, connectivity problems, or map issues that are present in the game.

  • Report map problems only if they interfere with gameplay.

  • Posting FPS/ping latency complaints is not advised because they are 99% client/ISP-side issues.

  • Please try to describe HOW to reproduce the bug; videos are very helpful unless the bug can be exploited.

  • Before posting, read. There have already been numerous reports of bugs.

  • Post any information you have!

  • Please get in touch with @Metrizo via private message or email ( if you have any inquiries regarding bugs or need to report a sensitive issue (such an exploit).